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Portable Toilets

Gallason’s portable toilet rentals service is the best in the industry. We ensure our toilets are cleaned properly, with fresh supplies and a top to bottom inspection on every cleaning with delivery directly to your location. Ranging from backyard get togethers to concerts and everything in between – Gallason has you covered with our POLYJOHN portable toilet rentals.

Our portable toilets come with a jumbo roll of toilet paper, Hand sanitizer and urinal pucks. Rental includes once a week cleaning with an option to add twice weekly or daily service can also be done. We offer weekend and special event rentals and also daily rentals. We provide toilet rentals and services to Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton and surrounding area.

Use the handy chart to see how many portable toilet units you will need for your next event.
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Standard Portable Toilets

A standard portable toilet comes with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and an optional urinal. We suggest at least once per week cleaning for 1-10 people.

Ladies Portable Toilets

A ladies portable toilet comes identical to a standard unit except the walls of the toilet are pink, this helps separate genders. Ladies will thank you!

Heated Portable Toilets

A heated portable toilet is ideal for winter jobs with access to a 110V connection. All other components are equal to a standard unit.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets

A handicap accessible unit comes stock with a larger interior to accomodate a wheelchair, handicap sign on the door and a lower seat height.

Lifting Units

If you are looking to raise the toilet off of the ground you may ask to have a toilet with lifting brackets. These must be returned to the ground to be serviced.

Portable Sinks

The POLYJOHN Bravo portable sink is highly recommended for sites without access to running water. Gallason will deliver and service on-site.

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